Replica Rolex Deepsea Challenge Watch through a challenge to the deep sea

As a luxury watch brand, people would love to believe Rolex is quite good at making smaller or medium-sized watches? But really? Is this really what Rolex can do best? The answer of course is negative. Recently, replica Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Dial dive watch was released in order to commemorate Deepsea Challenger dive of James Cameron and forthcoming Deepsea Challenge 3D film. The watch is shaped with a cool size--51. 4mm wide, but the story behind this watch is even cooler. The material is pure PR gold. In this sense, Rolex can be proven as the king of dive watch. This is the deepest diving length that I known for now.

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On March 26, 2012 a vessel called the Deepsea Challenger emerged from the depths off the coast of Guam after spending many hours under the sea water. Looking like a lime-hued torpedo with two automatic arms, a single man crawled out of the hatch as cameras peered inside to see if man or meat jelly would step out of the green machine after it spent over six hours traveling to and then strolling on the sea floor under the circumstance with incalculable pressure (well it is measurable). James Cameron, purported Box office king (and director), casually came out of the tube. Who else? With a Jacques Cousteau style head-warmer and trimmed-beard, the do-no-wrong film-maker and sci-fi visionary just finished going to the deepest bottom of the ocean. Nearly seven miles underwater to the floor of the well-known Marianas Trench, James piloted the Deepsea Challenger 35, 756 feet (equivalent to 10, 898 meters) in deep sea.

Mr. Cameron's inclusion in the project was not the same as his works in Hollywood stunt. It is true that while down there he brought some special 3D cameras to take footage for an upcoming feature film about the bottom of the ocean (with a theatrical release relatively soon), but Cameron is no diving novice. Cameron has actually gone on over 70 deep vessel dives exploring the depths. It seems that the director Cameron has special feeling about deep sea. You can find it in movies like Titanic and The Abyss. Cameron is practically a diving hull professional, so putting him in charge of the Deepsea Challenger that took over eight years to develop wasn't that much of a liability. Further, it is nearly promised by Cameron that this watch would definitely catch eyes of clients - and who else was going to go down there and appreciate it as much as James?

At 24 feet long the Deepsea Challenger is tiny compared to the famous Trieste vessel that made a similar journey in 1960. The mission 52 years ago spent only 20 minutes on the sea floor, but was able to go down that deep. This time, though the main purpose of this diving is to take footage for his new movie, he also collected samples and other data for scientific purposes. The project was a joint effort between a series of sponsors who are eager to help rebound deep sea exploration (because apparently space is on hold). No doubt, one of them is the almighty Rolex (who is no stranger to the deep).

This is not new to cheap Rolex. They were even part of the 1960 Deepsea mission just as they were with the 2012 mission. Aside from merely being a sponsor, the brand developed a new Rolex Deepsea watch to go down with the ship. Most dive watches are pressure tank tested. The simulation of deep-sea environment was applied in order to test its performance. Meaning they go into special dry tanks which simulate water pressure and test to see if air leaks into a watch case. That's useful and all, however, this time, different for Role, it wanted to test its new experimental watch as deep as possible in real water. Strapped to the Deepsea Challenger's robotic arm was the new, not-likely-ever-for-sale Rolex Deepsea Challenge replica watch. Robots - as our future overlords - it seems that also prefer to wear mechanical watches. In a sense the story of the watch's mission is almost anti-climatic. As predicted, it came up just fine and without a hiccup after coming down to nearly 11, 000 meters. The Rolex Deepsea Challenge is initially launched in 2008. Of course, it is fundamentally a beefed up Submariner Deepsea best replica watches. Though the size and function of this watch may be quite innovative, it still contains Rolex's DNA since it was produced with in-house movement of Rolex. It is worth of buying, especially for those who are enthusiasts of deep-sea diving.


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